Kwerk, a coworking space from all around the world

Kwerk, a coworking space from all around the world


For us, Kwerk was like a UFO in the coworking world!

Incredibly organized by Albert Angel, who did a great job to exploit spaces and objects – that he designed himself for the most of it.

This space is inspiring and boosts the creativity.

Art is present everywhere and is at the very center of the space.

When you move around, the atmosphere changes completely: From the English Chesterfield of the lobby to the South-African influences, the French “Bistro”… You know what I mean when I say that it boosts your creativity now!

Every element of the decoration, the sculptures or the archives (small object painted in white) are inspiring.

It’s funny how you get attracted by all those little details everywhere, as you are discovering something new every time.


The name “Kwerk,” comes from “quirk,” and that’s their philosophy: be yourself, be quirky!

Lobby –  Kwerk Tour First –  ©

Kwerk remind us the concept of a boutique hotel, where the decoration creates a real atmosphere, and the service they offer is as good as what you will get in a fine hotel.

Several people working at Kwerk are from the fine hotel business, which means, you don’t even need to ask for something as they are anticipating it!

The goal of Kwerk is to offer you a coworking space where you can work from area to area, floor to floor and never get bored.

Everything is made to make you feel great while you are working. Focus on your business, and don’t bother with anything else!

Wellness: Lawrence and Albert are also focusing on wellness, as more you feel good at work, more productive and creative you are.  Yoga, gym, self-defense courses… Avoiding stress or back pain is one of the keys they are giving you to unleash your potential!

Studio –  Kwerk Bienfaisance – ©

Balance: Working but also relaxing. For the founders, it has to be balanced. For example, in Bali, it’s normal that during your working day to go for a massage, and go back to work right after. Albert and Lawrence wanted to bring this state of mind.

How was the idea born?

Everything started in 2015.

Albert Angel and Lawrence Knights were working together, and with their team, they have been working for years in coworking spaces in New-York city. The concept of a coworking space was also convenient as they were traveling a lot.

They saw the limits of the coworking space they were working in and decided to emphasize the wellness for their spaces.

It’s Les Nouveaux Constructeur, a French real estate developer who trusted them, and, after eight months they opened the first Kwerk space in Boulogne-Billancourt.

The good news is that Albert is very inspired when it’s about designing his spaces, and so, between the moment they get the keys, and they open a Kwerk space, it only takes about five months!

Open-space –  Kwerk Tour First – ©


Honestly, it’s like visiting a very cool art gallery.

From the lobby to the top floor, you will have the possibility to see some beautiful sculptures or art pieces, such as this massive elephant, or the “archive objects” – all those little objects painted in white – which are here to make you travel back in time!

You definitely can feel that their influences from Bali, Indonesia or Africa are present to create completely different atmospheres.

We have been there for more than an hour, and it feels like 15 minutes. You don’t feel the time passing.

Les bureaux –  Kwerk Bienfaisance – ©

Workplace and desks

Plenty of natural light!

Le bureau – thérapeutique Kwerk Tour First – ©

The way the offices are made is ingenious: the usage of transparency and natural lights, but, still confidential!

Every floor has its relaxing area with coffee machine, tea, fresh water, and sofas.

Lounge –  Kwerk Bienfaisance – ©

Sunny Day? Let’s go to the terrace or the balcony, to get some fresh air while working!

Terrasse –  Kwerk Bienfaisance – ©

It’s really easy to project how you are going to use the spaces you have at your disposal. You feel like you’re at home very quickly.

The space to work is quite large: there are 250 seats – in a 2,200m² building-, on four floors, private rooms to make your phone call quietly and conference rooms.

Kwerk members are proud to be part of it.

When you have to meet a client or collaborators, you invite them in a great environment.

A manager is present to introduce you to other members and make the connection if he hears that someone need something in your field.

The notion of being a member is essential for Kwerk: they want to know you.

There are also networking events organized and collective courses (Yoga, self-defense), where you can create new connections and exchange with other members: they do everything to make this community stronger and create opportunities.

When you become a member of Kwerk, you join more than just a coworking space; you also join a state of mind.

To resume, you feel good in this coworking space. It smells good, the organization makes it easy to move around, the lights are greatly managed to create different moods.

They used liege, which works as a natural sound and thermal insulator and gives a warm touch!

Lounge –  Kwerk Bienfaisance – ©

Sculptures, art pieces, unique designed furniture. No other coworking spaces look like Kwerk.

They worked with artisans from Bali, who initially create these sculptures for a traditional celebration: Nyepi.

Words are everywhere: instead of putting rules right on the wall, it has been replaced by doctrine, the lockers don’t have a number, but a word.

Their influences are in every detail.

Vestiaires –  Kwerk Bienfaisance – ©

The +

This space in Bienfaisance, is in the heart of Paris, in the “Golden Triangle,” which mean that you will have access to all the best premium and luxury things that Paris has to offer.

The location is a big plus: A prestigious address to put on your business card!

The facilities: gym, shower, lockers, conference rooms…

Espace séminaire – Kwerk Bienfaisance – ©
Espace séminaire –  Kwerk Bienfaisance – ©

You can establish your company and receive your mail there.

Even if you are in the center of Paris, you don’t feel it; you’re in a bubble.

Every program and collective courses are included in your membership!

About the founders

Albert Angel is an architect who grew up in Congo, and lived in different countries: USA, France, Belgium, and studied architecture in South-Africa… He designed hotel, offices, and spas in New York, Miami, Kenya, Mauritius and Indonesia.

He created his architecture and design agency in 2005.

Lawrence, graduated from HEC, is specialized in communication and marketing. He moved to NYC in 2008 where he met Albert for the first time.

Together, they started to design furniture.

After working together for a few years, Albert and Lawrence came to Paris and decided to open their coworking space.

Their focus is on Paris for now, but there is no limit, as if there is somewhere in the world where they feel inspired, they could open a new Kwerk space!


PASSEPORT: Enjoy the spaces without a dedicated desk. Passeport available for 3 months for 350€ before taxes – or 35€ before taxes for half day.

TRAVELER: Enjoy the spaces without a dedicated desk, starting from 490€ per month before taxes.

RÉSIDENT:  Your desk in open space for 575€ before taxes per month.
Your private office starting from 795€ before taxes per month.


WiFiYes, Ultra high speed
Establishing the company thereYes
Drinks and Food
Tea & coffee
Conference room
Gym & Collective courses
Even more?

You can follow them on their social media:

Kwerk – Bienfaisance

Website : Kwerk

44-46 rue de la Bienfaisance,
75008 Paris

Opening hours :

Resident : Access 24/7

Traveler and Passport : Monday-Friday from 8:30am to 7pm

Phone: +33 1 83 75 04 06

Subway : Line 9, Miromesnil

Parking (option)


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