Toornament: first e-sports platform to adopt the Battle Royale phenomenon

Toornament: first e-sports platform to adopt the Battle Royale phenomenon

All organizers can now create PUBG and Fortnite tournaments to easily engage hundreds of participants.

The professional solution for organizing, managing and sharing e-sports competitions, revealed a new type of tournament structure available to all users: Free-for-All matches, specially designed to manage Battle Royale games such as Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds.

Battle Royale games have come to the forefront since last year, both competitively and casual gaming. While the e-sports scene is getting solid structures and is beginning to be recognized, there was still a lack of a Free-for-All competition management system noteworthy. This is now done thanks to Toornament, and this new structure, here are some key points:

–    Up to 4096 participants per tournament

–    Up to 100 participants per game

–    Automatic calculation of points from the rank in play and kills

–    Final ranking calculated from the total of the round scores

This new feature confirms Toornament’s leading status as a e-sports technology. Game developers and studios who want to easily engage players on their titles via competitions can take advantage of the match format system, thanks to the open API.

About Toornament

Toornament, a Webedia group product, is a free and open tournament management tool specialized in video games. Toornament hosts thousands of e-sports competitions every month, thanks to a global and experienced network of amateur and professional organizers. With its open API, they helps developers and studios create e-sports features based on its match format system.

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