Snapchat: They launch a new version of their Spectacles, camera glasses made for summer.

Snapchat: They launch a new version of their Spectacles, camera glasses made for summer.

This new generation of the hands-free camera made the Spectacles more comfortable, water resistant, and capable of taking photos.

After the big failure of their first version, Snap Inc. don’t give up and returns with this new model.
In 2016, Snapchat decided to launch the Spectacles, sunglasses equipped with a camera to immortalize 10 seconds moments and share it on social media.
But with approximately 220.000 sold models, had to review his copy.

They announced yesterday, their 2.0 version.

Now, no yellow ring, you can wear them under the water (at shallow depths), you can take photos.
They are also slimmer than the first model, and they come with new classy colors, you can choose different lens options (they still protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rated).

They still have the 10 seconds video if you tap the top button but also 20 to 30 seconds if you tap 2 or 3 times.
Photos and videos are in high definition: Video has been improved 22% to 1216 x 1216, and photo resolution is 1642 x 1642.
The audio has been improved too with a second microphone.

Syncing to your phone now just requires Bluetooth and a seven-second press of the shutter button.
Exports still happen in HD over Specs’ internal Wi-Fi now, and transfers go four times quicker than the old process.

As you can notice, they added and changed several things, thanks to their customer’s feedback.

The Spectacles are now available only on their website at $150 (yep, $20 more than the old one).

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