5 iOS and Android Apps you need to have as a freelancer or entrepreneur!

5 iOS and Android Apps you need to have as a freelancer or entrepreneur!


Here we go, another article, and this time it will be about… The best mobile app for Android and iOS to focus on your business!

We assume that you are using or Android or iOS.

Regularly we will create article about tools that may help you

The first one, pretty simple but, without it, how would you do?

Google Keep

We used to use post-it, in paper. It’s the same principle, so if you like this old piece of paper that is still used by billion, go for it! The only thing we regret is that you can’t create folders to organize your notes properly. But honestly, you don’t organize your post-it in folders, do you?

Like for Google Calendar, you can add alert (slightly more efficient than the old post-it).

Price: FREE


With Elsa, we have been using OneNote from Microsoft, and since we changed for Evernote, we think that we made the right choice, as the sync and the way you can organize it is just so easy.

You can create categories, and sub-categories, add tags, so it’s very clear and easy to find your notes when you use the integrated search tool!

Also, you can attach documents, photos, and videos!

Price: Free version available, Premium version starting at $34,99 / year.

Google Calendar

As you know, we are working in binomial, and so the possibility to share the calendar with each other is perfect, we can book an interview or a reportage and see if the other one is available at this moment!

So, with this app, you can manage your time, and you get an alert before the « event ». You can add a lot of details like the time, the duration or the address.

Also, the design is good and very easy to use!

Price: FREE


When you travel a lot, or if you have client or people that you need to pay, but in another currency, this app is simply the best we think. We are currently managing three different currencies, and if you look at the fees that your bank may apply, you will save a lot!

They are using the real daily exchange rate and charge you $3 for each transaction, no matter the amount.

Price: FREE – Fees are applied when you transfer money.


It’s a well-known app. When you need to keep an eye on your bills, receipts… Let’s face it, you will never keep a receipt from a lunch meal where you were six months ago, but you can save the scanned version on your CamScanner space. You can do that for every document like contracts!

Camscanner is a good one to help you manage all your document and keep a record of it, especially when you are traveling and it can become messy pretty quickly.

Price: FREEPremium version account for $4.99 / month or $49.99 / year

 CeltX Script

Ok Ok, this one is a bonus for those who are a scriptwriter, you maybe not know that, but I do write scripts! Usually, I write with someone else, and that’s why we are using CeltX, the collaboration mode is great and in real-time. The layout is done in a way that follows the standard for scripts.

“Why is it important?”

Do you imagine sending your script to a producer or a director, used to have properly written scripts, if the layout is not how it should be?

There is a demo version to give it a try!

Price: FREE – Many other plans are available, depending on the size of your team or your status (Schools, enterprise…)

All those apps are available on the Google PlayStore and the Apple Store as well. All the links are in each app description.

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Also, tell us in the comment how can we help you, and maybe we will write an article about it!


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